AO! I Trained with Jordan Brand

November 20, 2015
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By Ashley Outrageous

I haven’t shared much of my personal escapades aside from an instagram posts as of late so let’s change that up as I most recently took part in one hell of an experience!

This past Wednesday I was invited to an exclusive Jordan Brand boxing and training session at Terminal 23 in Manhattan. The invite was very discreet. We were asked our sizes and told that we would be training with some of the industries best, that’s it! I had no idea what I was in for but my curiosity rose when I walked in the venue to see posters for the upcoming film “Creed” in a few places. Of course my first thought was, “oh my god, what if Michael B. Jordan shows up?!” LOL

At this time I realized it was literally an exclusive session. Attendees consisted of 6 influencers, me being one, and a high school basketball team. We proceeded to check-in where we each received a new pair of Jordan’s and were then told to go to the locker room to change. The lockers were specified with our names on it and filled with our Jordan gear which of course made us feel special!

Making our way to the ring, we were welcomed by an energetic host who then announced none other then Michael B. Jordan as a special guest! Yes, I died for a quick second. He spoke for a few about training for the movie “Creed”, his dedication and more. Following that it was time to warm-up for our session! After running up and down the basketball court, we then put on our gloves and got IN the ring where Michael B. Jordan even participated, offering us pointers and moral support. As for the Jordan trainers? They kicked our ass. Two days later and I’m still in …read more

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