Artists: Indie Labels Can Be Worse Than Majors

October 26, 2015

By FuNkwoRm

Nowadays, being independent is the only way to go if you’re trying to break into the music industry. These days no one, and I mean NO ONE, is going to pay any attention to you if you haven’t built up some type of buzz independently.

This makes any artist investment low risk for any major label. If you’re hot then investing in your potential is less of a gamble to them. But you must know that going the independent route is not quite as easy as most artists think it is. Breaking an artist takes a significant amount of time, quality relationships, and money. And I’m not talking about the kind of money you spent buying those fake Instagram followers. Videos, marketing, tours, and recording, to name a few, all take the kind of investment that most artists, starting out, can’t afford.

This lack of financial resources makes artists very vulnerable to sign with anyone who promises to put up the cash to help launch their careers. There are production companies and indie labels with little more than a name, a logo, and a small budget that are willing to sign some of these artists to a contract if they believe in their potential.

Many artists sign these contracts with an “I’ve got nothing to lose”, attitude that they later discover was a huge mistake. Because in some cases the artist can’t afford an attorney, these contracts are signed with little or no professional counsel at all. The brutal unfairness contained in some of these contacts are like something out of a horror flick that can lock an artist’s career up for years. Artists soon learn that it’s very hard to get out of a bad deals and that takes hiring someone who is an expert on these matters to …read more

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