B. Wav – Slide (LTENGHT Exclusive)

January 31, 2015

By Tones

Best known as Pro Club’s ace, B. Wav has kept things relatively hushed in regards to new tunes, but those coming from South Florida have most likely received a taste or two in varied assortments. For one, the snippet for “Slide” was previously featured in DZA’s Rap & Bullshit Pt. 2 (Mad Decent Mix), which tossed in a few other exclusives from Denzel Curry, JK The Reaper and much more. It was something about the sheer honesty in “Slide” that caught our attention from the jump, evoking a smirk from each one of our faces, in between the eccentric, exceedingly erotic soundwaves.

What makes LTENGHT such a brilliant platform is that they have been able to hold up a particular ambiance for their listeners, with such an expansive listing of artists and producers all coming from characteristically different backgrounds. The pairing of B. Wav and LTENGHT is downright harmonious in ways that has us at awe, comparable to the passion felt with SKUFL’s edit for “The Champagne Room”.

Produced by FrankieL, “Slide” is a record that absolutely needed to be liberated from the LTENGHT platform. There is no greater feeling in this world than when a man/woman is able to finally build up the courage to get those emotions off their chest, letting their significant other know what’s really up on the sensual side of things.

“girl lemme slide, girl lemme slide up on you,
I’ve got some feelings that I can’t hide from you…”

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