Cambatta – “The Womb” [Mixtape]

May 26, 2016

By Kaitlin

The Womb is a highly metaphorical composition riddled with analogy and double entendres, breaking down human creationism in a way any Hip Hop fan would enjoy. Through his talent and artistry, Cambatta vividly illustrates a spectacle – a work of art which is the meticulous process of birth. His use of imagery gives you an interesting perspective on the essence of how precious life is.

Inspired by the teachings of Dr. Phil Valentine, The Womb is the perfect blend of modern production and timeless lyricism, designed to subliminally and subconsciously condition the listener’s mind for even more advanced verbal pattern recognition.

In this brilliant piece, Cambatta initiates a retrospect that is immaculate as he delves into deep nostalgia. The Womb is the “room” in which human physical development is initiated, The Room is the “Womb” where all post birth development takes place, both of which are one in the same.

Through listening to Cambatta’s astounding revision, we will begin to grasp such an unfathomable concept. Human Sex is the most powerful creative process in the known universe and can take lifetimes to understand. This is your first step! The Womb!

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