Clear Mind: “I Definitely Feel Like Hip Hop Has Taken a Different Turn” ( @kvng_clear )

November 28, 2017

By Indie Hip Hop Staff

Indie Hip Hop got together with Albany, New York hip hop artist Clear Mind to find out more about him and his new mixtape, Swords, Metaphors, & Pressure Points which you can check out below. Here’s our interview…

IHH: What got you started in hip hop?
I was introduced to hip hop as a child through my mom and my uncle. My uncle is a DJ and my mom used to sing, but she loved listening to hip hop. One day I heard DMX’s Ruff Ryder’s Anthem and that’s when I found my true love for hip hop
Who were some of your influences starting out?
A lot of my influences stemed from my mom, my uncle, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Nas, Crooked I, Eminem, Mobb Deep etc…
How has being from the East Coast affected your journey to become known as a hip hop artist?
The east coast has affected me as a hip hop artist in the sense of the fact that it’s shown me I have to go harder than anyone else. There’s so many different voids I can enter and I don’t like to limit myself to a particular flow or sound but majority of people on the east coast don’t want to hesr anything BUT east coast type hip hop. I can do it ALL and I love east coast hip hop, I do east coast hip hop but I don’t want to limit myself to just that. Especially when I am able to do so much more as an artist creavitely.
How long have you been working on your new project, Swords, Metaphors, & Pressure Points and what’s the theme behind it?
I literally only worked on Swords, Metaphors & Pressure Points for about 3 weeks. I self produced half of the project and wrote it all in its entirety. …read more

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