Cruising with the 2017 Toyota RAV4

October 23, 2017

By Ashley Outrageous

If you know me you know you I love driving when I go back home and on my most recent trip back to the sunshine state I got to take the 2017 Toyota RAV4 for a spin for a week! My first car was a Toyota Camry so I was excited when told I was going to be receiving something in the Toyota family.

Now I’ve been in a RAV4 before as one of my close friends Jasmine Solano is a proud owner of one but this new and improved 2017 model just stepped it up notch! First things first, the color. The name is ‘Galactic Aqua’ and man oh man was it beautiful. I mean, just look at it above! Then the interiors… oh the interiors! A combination of black and brown leather aka the best you could ever ask for.

Alright enough about the looks of this thing. Let’s talk what I care about the most, gadgets. Big screen? Check. Apps? Check. Easy phone connectivity? Check. This car told me the weather conditions via The Weather Channel app like, cmon. It is 2017 alright!

Did it drive smooth? It sure did! And from what I know, as mentioned before I used to be a owner, you can never go wrong with a Toyota. Just saying!






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