July 31, 2015
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By Ashley Outrageous

It was just over a year ago when I discovered these two and they’ve got me musically wrapped around their finger ever since. It’s not often you find artists that compliment each other so effortlessly and these guys do just that.

Australian singer CVIRO and fellow Gold Coast producer GXNXVS have teamed up yet again for their latest single “Sober”.

With scores of collaborations in the past, this dynamic duo has gone above and beyond their past releases. The two bring out the best in one another in this infectious new production. CVIRO’s entrancing vocals powerfully intertwine with GXNXVS’ synth driven melodies creating a unique and hazy sound. The duo’s progressive and futuristic take on classic R&B is refreshing and captivating and will leave you wanting more.

You needed to press play already…

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