How Beat Maker d.C. Makes Money Placing Beats on T.V. Shows (@dCsoulplusmind)

April 22, 2016

By FuNkwoRm

Beat maker, producer, d.C. has been on this blog a number of times in connection to projects he’s been involved with. But lately, he’s expanded his talents into the lucrative world of music licensing. Many beat makers know about it, but few know how to break in the break into the business. I interviewed d.C. so that he could share some of his knowledge and experience.

IHH: Where are you from?

d.C.: Los Angeles, CA

IHH: How did you get into making beats?

d.C.: I started in music as a DJ. I was more into battling / scratching than mixing so even from the beginning I was more passionate about making my own music as opposed to playing other people’s music. As more and more of my friends stopped DJing, I started gravitating more toward producing and here I am now.

IHH: Who have you gotten placements with?

d.C.: As my goals are predominantly driven by music / sync licensing, I stopped focusing my efforts on placing beats with artists. I’ve worked with Method Man, Gyptian, Dominique Larue, M Dot, Born I Music, Doey Rock, Gleams, J. Nolan, The Seed among a few others. With that said, I’ve had music placed Power, Madam Secretary, Ray Donovan, American Crime, The Challenger, Lullaby, Gimme Shelter and probably every US reality TV show under the sun.

IHH: What exactly is music licensing and how did you discover it as a source of income?

d.C.: In a nutshell music / sync licensing is the licensing of music for synchronization with moving pictures in a motion picture, television program, video, DVD, etc. All the music you hear on TV shows, movies, radio commercial, web ads, and video games are all forms of music / sync licensing.

I stumbled on music / sync licensing when I was attending a conference at SAE NY. The conference …read more

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