Lyfe Harris – No Night Off (EP)

August 5, 2015

By Uptown Toney

Not too far ago we were praising singer-songwriter, producer and instrumentalist Lyfe Harris’ work on his outstandingly smooth and free-flowing late night project Ten. After a few spins, it looks like we will be praising his efforts once again as he drops off a new EP titled No Nights Off.

Less 4AM and more 7PM, “I’m on my way to see you… let’s chill tonight,” Lyfe’s 9-track stacked pallet of dreamy vibes and lusty feels blends well with his previous work while giving fans new imagery lyrically. Calling upon Dee Greene, Phlew, MΔC, 3rdEyeLover, Niko G4 and a Michigan rap-crooner/producer named Yohannes, – who I recently became a fan of – the Atlanta breed artist mixes their styles with his, uniquely adding their production and tone to his own production.

Stream Lyfe’s No Night Off EP below. Download it your copy on Bandcamp.

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