MAAD*MOISELLE – Sweet & Low (Video)

February 9, 2016

By Uptown Toney

Going into summers end, MAAD*Moiselle dropped off an old school yet pretty fresh nu-disco track titled “Sweet & Low.” The song had some grip that made it last well into the fall. Now, the singer/DJ darling is back to keep the gears on her retro-style record spinning by releasing an accompanying video.

Directed by Snapertures, things are setup like a scene out of Grease; a retro ice cream parlor spot on the Jersey shore tallied with knick knacks and memorabilia from the 50’s. Strutting her stuff like a true model, MAAD*Moiselle moves about the colorful room with a pink wig, colored brows and fur on her back before she gets lose and sprinkles on a funky neon light show during the groovy dance breakdown. Take a look at the video in full below!


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