Majik N’ Brrrd – “The Syndrome” [Album]

April 4, 2017

By Kaitlin

Trump’s campaign rhetoric and disproportionate police killings of unarmed African Americans have had the country extremely divided along the lines of race. Knowing how important symbols of unity can be, Majik n’ Brrrd decided to go full bore with the new moniker and create a group that rejected the division and racism of the times. The duo agreed to refocus their efforts through all the turmoil and get back to crafting a masterpiece.

They came up with an 8-track CD (titled Magic and Bird) under the newly created name, Majik n’ Brrrd, which dropped last month. The project has everything from street bangers to conscious tracks. The theme of the album can be felt echoing throughout the melodious chorus’ and gritty word play; that instead of focusing on our minute differences, we should be focusing on the vast majority of struggles that make us similar. Check it out here.

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