NOW RADIO 2 – Louie Arson (Mix)

March 30, 2016

By Tones

Contesting the seemingly sterile music and arts industry, leading South Florida curator Norma Moreno has proved that gentleness is a major key to shining light on artists and mediums too advanced for the conventional crowd. Offering tangible experiences like none other, Norma Moreno (under her NormaNOW association) has been able to thrust South Florida’s music scene into the spotlight by entrusting local underdogs and maintaining an open dialogue between artists and fans alike.

Norma’s tender approach to hosting parties and accommodating events has created a warm, immersive environment for young creatives and on-the-rise artists who previously felt excluded from the competitiveness and more traditional aspects of the industry. Norma’s DIY mentality has helped spark some of the most engaging social gatherings including (but not limited to) Trap Paradise, Best Day Ever, Sundaze Miami and her most recent endeavor, NOW Radio.

With assistance from HOMETEAM PRODUCTIONS, Norma Moreno has created a new home for South Florida DJ’s with NOW Radio, a platform that offers a tailored grouping of sounds unique to each volume (and headliner) in discussion. Louie Arson serves as the newest entry into the series, a household name that provided a charming follow-up to the NOW Radio premiere led by DZA, founder of REARVIEW records and chief captain of Miami’s Peachfuzz party.

A lengthy chat between Louie and Norma ensues after the mix (34:45), providing insight and a more personal outlook into the life of a music insider. Listen to Louie’s mix below!

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