Philadelphia Beatmaker, Sideswipe, Drops His Beat-Tape – Goners

April 20, 2018

By FuNkwoRm

Philadelphia-based producer, arranger and audio engineer Sideswipe follows up his 2017 debut Bushido with Goners. This independent producer composed this nine-track project in the basement of his house, where his informal production style and eclectic boom-bap proclivities merged with a trajectory towards a more solemn sound. The somber production was informed, in part, by the death of loved ones last year and the emotional strain thereafter. “This project basically reflects an evolution of the sound I created in my first album,” he says. “The overall tone is a bit darker and that shows. It’s difficult to convey thoughts with instrumental music, but you can convey a mood or feeling, especially combined with the right song title.” Similarly, the artwork for Goners is reflective of its brooding perspective. Simple yet striking, it features an ominous guillotine signifying “we’re all goners at the end of the day.”

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Goners by sideswipe

Check this: Philadelphia Beatmaker, Sideswipe, Drops His Beat-Tape – Goners

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