(Sound)+(Vision) – “IN THE PINES” Lookbook

March 28, 2016

By Tones

Fostering a new breed of ingenuity, (Sound)+(Vision)’s Delray Beach, Florida-based creative director Aaron Rice channels the splendor of Seattle rock music with his debut collection, “IN THE PINES”. Home to some of the world’s most renowned bands (Nirvana and Pearl Jam are first to come to mind), labels and venues; it is undoubtedly no secret that Seattle has played a major role in cultivating the expansive indie music scene we see today (stretching as far as psychedelic rock to underground hip-hop).

Drawing direct influence from Takahiro Miyashita (Number (N)ine/The Soloist) and Jun Takahashi (Undercover) among others, (Sound)+(Vision) looks to build its foundation as a budding label through the heavy usage of font-based graphics. What may first appear to be a rehash of the work of past Japanese designers, (Sound)+(Vision) is in fact doing the contrary by bringing in something extraordinarily innovative to the table through a sharp display of intricacies that any generation of music lovers could appreciate.

Following a “design is born out of research” mantra, it is evident how vigilant Aaron Rice is in portraying something that is not only authentic, but also crafty to the more fanatical crowd of devotees. A closer examination of the title of (Sound)+(Vision)’s inaugural collection reveals that testimony in its truest form, channeling us back to Nirvana’s live rendition of “In The Pines” (I.E. “Where Did You Sleep Last Night) during MTV’s Unplugged performance in 1993.

Worn among the likes of Fool’s Gold signee Rome Fortune (pictured above), Wara From The NBHD and SAVEMONEY’S Towkio, (Sound)+(Vision) looks to appeal to a diverse, yet hip audience of musicians and insiders who have a understanding of the importance of a project built on strong identity coupled with extremely well-researched associations. It is always a thrill for us to be able to oversee the escalation of …read more

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