Top Prop Bets to Consider Taking for Wrestlemania 35

November 19, 2019

Sport amusement’s Super Bowl has finally arrived, as there are lots of stakes to be made. A total of 15 matches are scheduled for Wrestlemania 35, with multiple prop bets to consider as well.
In the United States, you’re unable to bet on WWE, however you can go to DraftKings and have a look at a free Wrestlemania 35 Pick’Em game they are offering in which you could win a share of $5,000.
Nonetheless, it’s a good deal of fun to talk about, so let’s break down a few of the best prop bets to contemplate choosing this year’s Wrestlemania.
Moveset Bets
One of the more fascinating prop bets to consider for some of those matches are the motions superstars use. Many wrestlers are famous for their finishing movements, for example one Randy Orton and his RKO.
It’s almost impossible to view three or more RKO’s in a one-on-one match with no finish, but Styles is the type of competition that may kick from a minumum of one RKO.
If Styles kicks from a single RKO and also the odds still prefer the’Viper’ to triumph, it is nearly a lock Orton will join on a second.
But if you are leaning towards award-winning this match then Orton will not hit more than 1 RKO from the game. In reality, you’d be more likely to see an RKO reversed by Styles before Orton strikes two of these in the same match.
Suplex City
Another moveset prop bet to consider is the number of suplexes Brock Lesnar strikes on opponent Seth Rollins.
Known to many as’Suplex City,’ Lesnar almost always takes his opponents there using a set of suplexes in his games.
The current odds for the amount of suplexes Lesnar strikes on Seth are now set at -112 for less.
Those chances aren’t very high, as it’s very possible we view Lesnar join on over seven. The record is 16 suplexes in one match, which Lesnar set against John Cena years back.
Together with Lesnar’s success odds gradually awakened, it may be a smart choice to have a chance on the chances for over seven suplexes connected.

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