Tumble High, Tumble Low: Inside SKUFL’s Latest 6-Track EP

March 10, 2017
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By Tones

The overall trajectory of SKUFL’s contributions as a music artist, producer, songwriter and graphic designer has been largely erratic, somewhat misplaced at times. With sprinkles of his production found on a handful of releases by Florida acts such as Will Brennan (“Interest” ft. CUZ Lightyear, Dre Moon & ManMan Savage), Kodiak Fur (“Run The Night”), LTENGHT (“Get Into Something”) and SDot Braddy (“33177”), you would assume that SKUFL was a man trying to hone down on one single talent.

Yet, a quick glance over SKUFL’s Instagram and Soundcloud exudes a totally different outlook, almost an entirely new story altogether. His following is as modest as one could possibly be as a creative, but it’s quite clear that SKUFL’s interest in art stretches across many platforms. In more ways than one, the newest six-track EP, “F*ck I Can Feel Everything”, serves as an official debut for SKUFL. It was a development that provided major perspective, but one could argue that it did not necessarily fill in every void.

Below, we caught up with SKUFL via e-mail, to find out more about his EP.

How did SKUFL come to be as an artist/producer?

SKUFL: When I seen the first Harry Potter book, I didn’t even read it, I just told myself I had to become a wizard. So by my sophomore year in High School, I became a wizard and enrolled in Fruity Loops.

The name, “F*ck I Can Feel Everything”, where does it stem from? Would you say it’s a title that communicates a great deal of relevancy amongst the issues of today?

SKUFL: Been reading a lot of Charles Bukowski and tapping into my feelings. It’s more-so of an personal awakening of emotional intelligence and consciousness.

What influenced you to do an EP like this? Is …read more

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