Wasiu – Bout 02 Blow (Video)

April 30, 2015

By Uptown Toney

Montreal rapper Wasiu follows up his single for “Many Dreams,” with the official video for his V X N Y L-produced track “Bout 02 Blow.”

“When I say ‘Bout 02 Blow’ I’m talking about a couple things,” Wasiu tells Noisey. “I’m talking about a couple things. I’m about to blow up in the rap game, I’m about to explode in a blind fury because I’m not getting the props I deserve, and I’m about to blow, like a terrorist. And when I say terrorist I’m referring to the way media builds this fearful image of Blacks, Muslims, and minorities, and it gets fed into the minds of the masses. But what we as people don’t realize is that this also empowers us and we just have to realize what we possess.”

Covered with his Haitian flag, watch Wasiu’s 5 Pound Media-directed video for “Bout 02 Blow” below where he terrorizes Montreal’s metro system.

[youtube] – Uptown Toney

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