Yohannes – I Need That (Video)

January 29, 2016

By Uptown Toney

Being very precise with his musical content, Yohannes is playing it smart when it comes to releases. The Grand Rapids, Michigan native latests digital distribution comes in the form of a visual for “I Need That” from his 2015 EP HANNE. Playing off the dark blue and purple hues Ron Oilers production cast, Yohannes’ video fills the screen nicely.

In an email from Yohannes, he stated, “My cinematographer brother Feeve Coppage and B Hence came up with the idea to display my distractions with other women in this video. With aims to induce the subject of needing that specific woman in the song, we made sure I was constantly involved in conversation, drinks, smoke, and long gazes with every girl in the video. The luminous lights show not the normal sticky situation, but a good vibe and gloomy enjoyment.”


Take a look at the visual above and be sure to peep Yohannes’ HANNE EP if you haven’t already.

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